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I have worked with a number of recruiters throughout my career, but Teresa consistently exceeds my expectations on presenting the highest level of talented professionals. Her connections in the marketplace and sincere desire to help you find the right fit is evident to her success of 30 years in the business. Teresa's reliability, efficiency and honesty sets her apart from all the others.

Sherry, Operations Manager


bellevue.jpgWe understand the challenges faced by businesses today!
Let us do the work for you!

Regardless of the economic environment, employing good people has an impact on a company’s success.  When unemployment is high, companies spend a great deal of time and resources weeding through the masses of applicants to locate the experience and personality to fit into their organizations.  When unemployment is low, attracting and retaining the desired talent is challenging due to the competition in the marketplace. 

Hiring is no longer a simple process.  The qualities that companies hope to find are not always on a resume so identifying a good hire is more complicated today than ever before.  We work with you to clearly define the need, learn what is important to you, then refer qualified candidates that not only have the ability to do the job, but also the interest. 

Maintaining a good work force is a daily job for business owners and managers and takes time away from profitable activities that will grow your business.  Managing overhead costs is of the highest priority for companies and impacted negatively by vacant positions or having the wrong people in the wrong jobs.

We can help you!

We have the experience to help you manage the process, anticipate when things are going wrong and prevent the frustration and unnecessary lost time caused by a vacant position.   We work with you to help give you the competitive edge in today’s market.

It is our goal to add value to your company by placing the right person in the right job.

We will keep you aware of talented candidates from the hidden candidate market and when industry experience becomes available.

Every candidate we refer to you is interviewed in depth, face to face before you meet them.

Because we operate on a contingent basis, we will only bill our clients for services when the candidate is successfully hired by acceptance of offer.

We offer a guarantee which creates a risk free way for you to bring talent to your company.

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“Connecting the right people with the right positions.”